Juaki Pesudo

Amidst dangling fabrics and vintage vinyls, Barcelona-based artist Juaki Pesudo gaslights the conventional realm, in an ironic ode to homies, ghosts and memes. Having transitioned from a degree in Industrial Design Engineering, Pesudo’s trans-media works reveal “bad vibe presences”, those of crawling ghosts and fleshy visitors that permeate his subconscious. Rendered in a gore palette of reds, blues and whites, his compositions conglomerate torn figures, limbs and thorns that, despite not being evident on a first glance, once deciphered become impossible to unsee. When awake, Pesudo explains how these presences arise from nightmares, and expresses his increasing interest in astral projection, lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. Exploring self-portraiture through facial distortion in both photographs and sketches, his renditions vary depending on his personal state, reflecting an eerie mimesis. Sometimes even ripping canvases apart from paint accumulation, he clarifies: “painting for me is like when u eat 2 much spaghetti nd then u regretti, its rly hard to know when to stop.”. This chaotic fluidity results in his occasional struggle to know when a piece is complete.